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PURPOSE ( MISSION) BUSINESS The purpose of this effort are: 1. Adopt FH cultivation of dairy cows to reach the market in a way capable of producing products with optimum quality and quantity. So as to obtain the situation and condition ( sikon) which is able to overcome problematic in the cycle of the business community that can be used as a reference for the creation of a policy as we go along and take a position on the agribusiness community. 2. Occupy vacancies on the community network business ( agribusiness) where on a macro scale necessary for penetration to participate overcome the tendency of market dynamics. 3. Improving macroeconomic conditions by starting from micro-occurring conditions such as weakness among manufacturers of quality standards of production, poor quality capacity ( Quota) production, and weak quality control system in the field ( Quality Control) . 4. Occupying a strategic position, where the weakness that occurs in the joints of the business community of pure milk and beef used as an agenda to motivate professionalism in the implementation in the field. 5. Explores and analyzes the strategic penetration into the travel business ( agribusiness) to cope with increasingly fierce competition in the future. 6. Improving agriculture and animal husbandry in Indonesia, and Indonesia seek to become self-sufficient state of food and are able to support ( buffers) for the agribusiness sector in the world. D. VIEWS ( VISION) BUSINESS Making Indonesia as a country based on the sectors Agribusiness and Marine in 2012 as well as improve people' s lives by absorbing a lot of manpower and Democracy Economic empowerment pattern. Kamus Google Terjemahan untuk Bisnis: Perangkat PenerjemahPenerjemah Situs WebPeluang Pasar Global